1) What is the need for a Project at Nymisaranyam?:  

a) Building a temple is the wish of Srimad 44th and 45th Azhagiyasingars. His Holiness Srimad 46th Azhagiyasingar during his visit to Nymisaranyam also went around the place. Sri Saranathan Swami went with the Stapathy Sri Lakshminarasimhan of Kalahasti and explained to His Holiness the plans for building a Nava Narasimha Complex. His Holiness was kind enough to give "in principle" approval for the project and advised to make a detailed plan for construction of Nava Narasimha complex and name it as "Uttara Ahobilam". Thus the project has the blessings of all the three Azhagiyasingars.

b) Nymisaranyam is a Divya Desam, but does not have any Desika Sampradaya temple. Nymisaranyam has no temple for Narasimha except ours. Building a Nava Narasimha in our complex there and naming it as Uttara Ahobilam will be more appropriate for our institution.

c) His Holiness Devanarvilagam Srimad Azhagiyasingar (the 43rd Jeer) commenced his Vijaya Yatra from the Hills of Ahobilam with a sankalpam to go up to Badrinath and retun back to Sri Ahobilam to end his Vijaya Yatra. Since Devanarvilagam Azhagiaysingar could not go to Ahobilam, the successors were feeling constructing Nava Narasimha Temple would accomplish the wish of Sri Devanarvilagam Azhagiyasingar of completing the Vijaya Yatra at this Uttara Ahobilam.

d) Nymisaranyam has now developed a lot and has become an attractive tourist center. Many temples have come up new in a grand manner. Sri Ahobila Mutt Complex only has not developed and building Nava Narasimha temple will ensure all the pilgrims visit our temple.

e) It is the duty of every Mutt sishya to ensure proper care is taken of Brindavanams of Acharyas. Many of the Brindavanams of Azhagiyasingars are taken care by the nearest temple management of Sri Ahobila Mutt. At Nymisaranyam if there is a big temple then the Brindavanam care can be taken more effectively than managing Brindavanam alone or managing it with the nearest temple from Delhi which is 500 km away.

f) Sri Ahobila Mutt does not have presence in North India except at Delhi. Even at Delhi there is no well water in our complex. There is therefore, a lot of difficulty for Srimad Azhagiyasingars to tour North India and stay arrangements with well water facility and fire wood kitchen is almost an impossibility. Nymisarannyam is an important location from where many pilgrim places in North India can be accessed. Construction of Nava Nrusimha Complex at Nymisaranyam will be very useful to Mutt for Vijaya Yatra.

g) It is stated in the Narasimha Purana that one who builds temple to Lord Vishnu will be freed from all sinful reactions and will enter Sri Vaikunta after his life term. All the Azhagiyasingars have been doing such kainkaryams. Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar built Rajagopuram at Ahobilam and Srirangam and built Mumbai Temple. Sri Villivalam Azhagiyasingar built Pune Sri Balaji & Narasimha Mandir, and Thayar Sannidhi at Mumbai temple. Sri Tirukudanthai Azhagiyasingar has built Dhanvantri Sannidhi at Mumbai and has approved Nava Nrusimha temple at Nymisaranyam. This project if completed by Srimad 46th Azhagiyasingar will be an important kainkaryam which will be spoken about for ever.

2) How we are going to fund this Project?

This Project is going to be funded from exclusive collection made from all well wishers. Since Income-tax benefit is available for the Nymisaranyam Azhgiyasingar Charitable Trust it is firmly believed that well wishers will be coming forward for giving donations. Moreover Sri Devanarvilagam Azhagiyasingar is revered by all Srivaishavas irrespective of their Acharya lineage It is proposed to get donors in large numbers so that there is participation from all people. The contribution is fixed at Rs 10000 per square feet of construction. The budget for the project is fixed at Rs 12 Crores. We need 12000 donors only to take up sponsorship of one square doot each for achieving this target The Project is spread over a period of 3 years and there is no doubt that with the blessings of Sri Azhagiysingars the funds target will be achieved. This Project is going to be done out of funds that are going to be specifically collected for the Project.

3) How the Project is going to be managed?

The Project is going to be executed by a senior qualified Architects, Structural Engineers and Contractors who rebuilt the Ahobila Mutt Temple at New Delhi under advise from Temple Architect Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan of Kalahasti. A Project Managing Committee is set up with members from New Delhi and representatives from other major cities to monitor the Project.

4) What is the arrangement for maintenance?

The Project is designed in such a manner that there is going to be a net monthly inflow for meeting the cost of maintenance of the proposed temple.

5) What are the benefits to Ahobila Mutt from this Project?

1. This great establishment in North India will be an unique and useful temple project under adinam of Sri Ahobila Mutt.
2. The complex will be a spiritual paradise for Mutt sishyas visiting from South.
3. The Brindavnam could get more attention and for larger sevartis gathering.
4. This will enter the map of Mutt's temple in Divyadesams and will be one more feather in the cap.
5. This Tapovan setup can be used for many Homams. Parayanam, discourses etc and become a place of sampradaya activities.

6) What happens if we do not do the project?

At present there is no revenue generation taking place at Nymisaranyam and it is only a cost center. This project will be making this place attractive for pilgrims And this will lead to gain importance in such premium place. A few Sishyas who know Devanarvilagam Azhaagiyasingar are still alive launching this project now will make it a sure success and any delay will make it more difficult in future to do the project.

The Place

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The Sacred Place of Naimisharanya Tirtha.

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People gather to listen to the discourses by Vedic Scholars.

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In search of wisdom in the Nymisaranya forest.

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Sugadev expalin to sages about the God-realisation the highest knowledge.

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