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Sri Neimisaaranyam is an important Divya Desam among the 108 Sri Vaishnava Divya Desams wherein the Lord Sriman Narayana is residing in the form of Aranya (forest). This Kshetram is revered by all as this was the place where all the Maharishis and Sages used to meet and did many yagnas. Even Lord Rama did Ashwametha Yagna at this place.This kshetram is the birth place of all Puranas. Sri Tirumangai Azhwar has done Mangalasaasanam of the Lord at Sri Neimisaaranya as "vandu un tiruvadi adainthen Neimisarathulendai" (I came to surrender to you O! The Lord of Neimisaranya). The greatness of the Kshetram is agumented by the holy waters of Chakra Teertham and Gomathi river. It is stated in the Purnas that all the holy rivers come to Chakra Teertha during Amavasya and taking bath at this place is equal to taking bath in all holy rivers. Srimad Bhagavata Purana Patanam is happenning all through the year in this place. Though the Lord is in the form of Aranya here there are several temples and other holy places of various sages in this place which make this Kshetram as as important place of pilgrimage.

His Holiness Devanarvilagam Srimad Azhagiyasingar (the 43rd Jeer) commenced his Vijaya Yatra from the Hills of Ahobilam with a sankalpam to go up to Badrinath and retun back to Sri Ahobilam to end his Vijaya Yatra. After his Mangalasasanam at Badrinath His Holiness came to Nymisaranyam in November,1957. However, true to the words of Tirumangai Azhwar for this kshetram, due to ill health, he attained Lords feet at Nymisaranyam. His Brindavanam was consecrated by His Holiness Srimad Mukkur Azhagiyasingar (the 44th Jeer) and the Ahobila Mutt branch was set up with a Sannidhi for Lakshmi Narasimha in the place given by Sri Sridharaachari, a local North Indian Ahobila Mutt disciple . His Holiness Srimad Villivalam Azhagiyasingar (the 45th Jeer) set up a separate Trust called "Nymisaranyam Azhagiyasingar Charitable Trust" with an aim to construct a big temple and other facilities for the benefit of all pilgrims. As a first step he renovated the Mutt premises in 2001 and celebrated the Centenary of Srimad Devanarvilagam

Azhagiyasingar in a grand manner. His Holiness Srimad Tirukudandai Azhagiyasingar (the 46th Jeer), has visited the place in 2015 and has taken the sankalpam to accomplish the unfulfilled desire of His Holiness Azhagiyasingars, by constructing a beautiful Nava Nrusimha Temple at Nymisaranyam and naming it as "Uttara Ahobilam". It seems all the Ahobilaranya Lions (Narasimhas) wanted to see the new forest "Nymisaranya", to make true the sankalpa of His disciples. It appears that, since Devanarvilagam Azhagiaysingar could not go to Ahobilam the Lords of Ahobilam has decided to come to Nymisaranyam and accomplish the wish of Sri Devanarvilagam Azhagiyasingar of completing the Vijaya Yatra at Ahobilam. His Holiness 46th Srimad Azhagiyasingar has declared the details of "Uttara Ahobilam" Project as detailed below.

It is proposed to construct the temples in the Uttara Ahobilam project as detailed below:

  1. Basement: There is a basement of 100 feet by 100 feet square on which the 9 temples are going to be built. The basement will accomodate guest rooms, prayer hall, dormitory rooms, Madaipalli (kitchen) and other utilities.

  2. Temples: Over the basement there are 9 temples in 3 stages and the first two stage is in the form of square accomodating 4 temples one in each corner and in the center the main temple will be built. In the nine temples the Nava Nrusimha murthis are going to be installed. The temple is going to be built in pink stone marble with lots of carvings with state of the art design. On the compound wall inside there are going to be carvings of Narasimha Avatar, Sri Adivan Satakopar story, Sri Devanarvilagam Azhagiyasingar's story and pictures of alwars and acharyas. On the temple wall there will be images of all 46 Azhagiyasingars.

  3. Brindavanam Block: This block will be renovated and built in pink colour marble

  4. Quarters Block: This block has of 4 single bedroom flats for the staff

  5. Ashramam Block: This block will be renovated for the stay of HH during his Vijaya Yatra.

  6. Mandap for Brindavanam: A beautiful mandap before Brindavanam to facilitate celebration of Tirunakshatram etc.

The Uttara Ahobilam Project is estimated to cost Rs 12 Crores and expected to be completed over a period of 3 years. The Project is impletemented through a Contruction Committee set up from Sri Ahobila Mutt, New Delhi. The Project is designed by Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhan, Stapathy from Kalahasti Andra Pradesh, with the guidance of Sri Bhiplop Verma Architecht, New Delhi. The Bhoomi Pooja for the Project was held on 26th January, 2015 and the work has started 16th May, 2016. Building Temple for Sri Nrusimha is hailed in Sri Ahobila Mahatmyam (referred in Brhmanda Purana) as follows: The Project is impletemented through a Contruction Committee set up from Sri Ahobila Mutt, New Delhi. The Project is designed by Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhan, Stapathy from Kalahasti Andra Pradesh, with the guidance of Sri Bhiplop Verma Architecht, New Delhi. The Bhoomi Pooja for the Project was held on 26th January, 2015 and the work has started 16th May, 2016. Building Temple for Sri Nrusimha is hailed in Sri Ahobila Mahatmyam (referred in Brhmanda Purana) as follows:

In view of the unlimited blessings mentioned in the Puranas for the persons participating in building temple for Sri Nrusimha we appeal to all Sishyas of Sri Ahobila Mutt, Bhaktas, Wellwishers and Philonthropists to come forward and donate liberally for this project construction. Exemption under Section 80G of the Income-tax Act is available for all donations to this Project. Contributing to the construction of this complex is a one time opportunity and we request all the Astikas to make use of the same and be the receipient of the blessings of Lord Sri Lakshminarasimha and Srimad Azhaishyagiyasingars. We seek the participation from all Shishyas of Sri Ahobila Mutt to take up the cost of construction of atleast one square feet in the complex at Rs 10000 per square feet. The donations are taken as Corpus Donation and the Donors will get the previlages as given below.

Donors can take full sponsorship of the following items and in that case the name of the donor will be displayed on the item.

Special Invitation for Samprokshanam will be given for all donors contributing for one square feet of construction and above. In case of Major Donors sponsoring over Rs 5 Lacs, special privilages will be given as directed by His Holiness on case to case basis.
Donors are invited to take sponsorship of multiple square feet basis as per their wish. Donations to Uttira Ahobilam Project can be paid in Cash/Cheque/Credit/DebitCard or can be directly remitted in bank account of the Trust as per details below.

In Favour of : Nymisaranyam Azhagiyasingar Charitable Trust

Name of Bank: State Bank of India
Branch : Alwarpet, Chennai
Account Name: Nymisaranyam Azhagiyasingar Charitable Trust
Account Number: 36706751438
IFSC Code: SBIN0002190

Date of Incorporation: 17-09-2010
Excemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act is available for donations.

Donors are requested to take the receipt for the donation immediately and for donations directly remitted into the bank account, the receipt will be issued from Mutt office based on the details provided by the donor to Mutt's office. Donors are requested to give their address, phone number and email id so that they can be contacted to provide the information of update of the project and collection of the privilages to be availed by them.

We appeal once again to all devotees to join hands in making the dream "UTTARA AHOBILAM" Project as proposed as a service to the Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasima by contributing in whatever manner possible and feasible and be the reciepient of the blessings of Srimad Azhagiyasingars. Please visit our web site for more information and for paying your contributions.

By order of His Holiness

Sri E V Desikan,

Managing Trustee,
Nymisaranyam Azaghiyasingar Charitable Trust.
c/o Sri Ahobila Mutt, Arthi Nagar, Tambaram East, Chennai -600059

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Account number: 928959087, Indian Bank,
TAMBARAM EAST, CHENNAI, Tamil Nadu, Chennai (Madras), 600059

The Place

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The Sacred Place of Naimisharanya Tirtha.

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People gather to listen to the discourses by Vedic Scholars.

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In search of wisdom in the Nymisaranya forest.

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Sugadev expalin to sages about the God-realisation the highest knowledge.

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